• The Først Candle is our premium signature-vessel candle. Designed by HoG in partnership with Light + Ladder of Brooklyn. Poured in white plaster or ebony-dyed cement in New York and wax-poured in Connecticut. Once fully burned, simply turn it over and use it as a candelabra. (we provide a mini taper to get you started!), refill it with our replenishment insert or adorn it with a plant!


    The Først is shipped in our exclusive tube packaging that needs no more than a note for the perfect gift. (no wrapping needed!)

    The Først

    • Hand-poured vessel in either white plaster or ebony-dyed cement with matching colored candle. White plaster vessel will have a white candle. Ebony-dyed cement vessel will have a black-dyed candle.

      Each is hand-made so there will be some variations and unique markings. This piece will patina with use, but that adds a beautiful artfulness to it. Because this piece is porous, it will absorb the scent of the fragrance oil and will carry that scent long after the candle has burned away.


      Vessel measures 5" × 5.5" × 3.5"
      8oz of vegan virgin coconut and soy wax

      Hand-made vessel in NYC
      Hand-poured candle in CT