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  • What if my candle gets broken in shipping?
    We designed our shipping boxes to be incredibly sturdy, (and pretty!) but if your candle is damaged in shipment it's not a problem. Email us at with a photo, your order number, and we’ll take care of you.
  • Do you sell testers? How do I know if I like a scent?
    Unfortunately, we don't have "tried and true" testers. However! We created the Liten Duo for this exact reason. They are smaller sized candles and sold as a set of two for you to explore different scents (or keep one and gift the other) before purchasing the larger Først candle.
  • What are your scents like? Are they really feminine?
    When we put our scents together for our line, we really took into account that both men and women love candles, so we consider our scents unisex.
  • I want to ship my candle as a gift, do you offer gift wrapping?"
    Our candle packages are so beautiful. Both the Liten Duo and Først come in a uniquely-crafted tube with HoG branding that needs nothing more than a note! We can provide a personalized hand-written card, just fill out the "note" section upon check-out.
  • I'm confused, is the Først a candle AND a taper holder?"
    YES! We designed the Først to live long after the initial candle is burned through. Once finished, simply use a paper towel to remove any soft wax at the bottom, flip it over and use the taper candle we provided to enjoy your Først as a candelabra.
  • Why are there color discrepancies in the wax?
    2 good reasons! We use an all-natural soy/coconut wax (and no artificial coloring). Our wax is free of certain colorants and preservatives that ensure a consistent wax color, so depending on temperature, exposure to light and other factors, the wax can appear whiter or creamier, we actually love that this is indicative of it truly being all-natural. Our fragrances are also naturally-colored and each gives a tint to the candle, which we don't interfere with. Most of our candles remain in a white hue, but there is a range from white to cream.
  • My candle smokes a lot and has a mushroom tip on the wick, what can I do?"
    Trimming the wick to 1/4” before burning helps ensure a smaller, safer flame and less soot. Remember to keep your candle out of a draft as it burns, as well. Also, remember to not burn your candle for more than 3hrs at a time.
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