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HoG Shoot - Candle Care
HoG Shoot - Candle Care


We've learned a lot about eco-friendly fragrance candles at House of Good and one thing we love is to maximize scent throw and ensure a clean, even burn for the life of the candle! It is super important to burn it properly from the onset.

Here's our advice:

The first lighting of your candle creates the memory burn, and determines the size of the
wax pool that will develop during future burns.

If burned for too short a period, tunneling
(a hole down the center of the candle) will occur. To avoid this, you must allow the wax surface to completely liquefy before extinguishing.


So...your House of Good candle should be burned approximately 2.5-3 hours on the first burn. Subsequent burns will not need as long to achieve a surface melting pool. If there is still a small amount of wax residue clinging to the edge of the vessel, don't be concerned!

This wax will melt as the candle burns further down during future burns.

Please take Care

It goes without saying that fire is extremely dangerous. Please use common sense when burning candles. 


For safety reasons, we include the following warnings on all candles:

- to prevent fire, burn candle within sight

- never leave a burning candle unattended

- trim wick to less than 1/4" before each burn

- always remove wick debris and keep burning wick away from container

For safe precautions, when candles get low, and remaining wax has completely turned to liquid in any vessel, it's time to extinguish and let it harden again. Candles should not be burned below 1/2" of the wax line.

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