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Tips to make the most from your Candles and let them Last Longer

So, you have purchased candles for your home and are excited about using them for the first time. Wonderful! Candles don't just elevate the interiors but also deliver cozy, warm vibes, which are all you just need during winter. But have you ever given thought to any of its burning techniques so that you can make it last longer? After all, a poorly burning candle is genuinely not a good investment. As luxury candle experts offering eco-friendly fragrance candles, we have got you covered with essential tips that can help you look after your luxury home fragrances shop more effectively-

Tips when Burning Candles

  • Trimming the Wick

If the candle you use has a cotton wick, check it should be no longer than ¼ inch. Candles with a longer wick produce larger flames that may even stain your vessel and burn faster than usual. You should, therefore, trim it regularly to ensure that it burns evenly and there is no wastage. Always trim off any excess wick, which can be done using a scissor or a wick trimmer when the wax is cold. 

  • Burn Candles for 3-4 Hours the First Time

Often, people assume that burning candles for a shorter duration will make them last longer. However, you must understand that it is more important for your candle to burn evenly so it burns smoothly and lasts longer. Therefore, allow the candle to burn for 3-4 hours the first time. As a rule of thumb, remember one hour for every inch in diameter. So, if the vessel has a 3-inch diameter, burn it for approximately 3 hours when you light it.

  • Never Leave a Candle Burning for more than 4 hours and more

This is another candle care tip is to avoid burning it longer than 4 hours. Burning it longer can cause carbon collection on the wick and cause the flame to get too big. 

Candle Safety Rules

Follow candle safety rules when burning candles. These include the following-

  • Never leave candles unattended.

  • Always place candles out of reach of children or pets.

  • Avoid placing candles in the direction of moving air as it may produce smoke.

  • Keep candles away from household items that contain flammable materials such as curtains or chemicals.

Cool Down

Before you are ready to light the candle again, let the wax to cool down for at least a minimum of 2 hours. Only light it again when the wick is visibly solid, thus starting a new melting process. 

Tips for Putting out a Candle without Blowing

Usually, to put out a scented candle, we blow it out instantly. The issue is that some candle wicks smoke after the flame is blown out. The sight and smell of the candle can certainly be unpleasant, which can affect the aromas. Therefore, to avoid it, you can use a tool called candle snuffer. It is a cone-shaped tool, and its top is placed over the flame, which keeps air away and causes flames to gently extinguish.

How to Prepare a Candle Vessel for re-usage?

So you have burnt the candle down, and there is less than half an inch left at the bottom. Now, what next? Don't throw it away. Throwing away the useful jar is not recommended because you can reuse it. Here are the proven methods to help you reuse and make the most of the jar.

  • Use Dryer

Warm hair in the dryer is hot enough to melt the wax into a liquid. Simply point the dryer towards the side of the candle vessel so that it heats the wax. The results are quick and easy.

  • Freezer Method

This is also a great option, though it requires more time. The cold air forces candle wax to contract and shrink, making removing it easier. You can leave the candle overnight and then flip it upside down.

How to Prevent Tunneling in Candles?

  • Start with a clean burn

  • Consider putting out the flame once the melted wax reaches all sides of the container. It prevents wax wastage and any tunneling.

Invest in Good Quality Candles

At House of Good Mercantile, we believe in quality over quantity. As experienced professionals, we know how to choose the best balance of wax, fragrance and wick. We design exclusive candles and candle holders to have a life well beyond the initial burn of the candle. Each of our vessels is carefully designed and handmade. We create scents with clean, phthalate-free fine fragrances, virgin coconut and soy wax, and 100% cotton wicks for even burning. You can be assured of the quality as our products are 100% plastic-free. If you have any questions or wish to place an order for sustainable home decor products online , feel free to contact our experts today.

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