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COMING SOON! Introducing our Wick Trimmer, a meticulously crafted artpiece in raw steel and presented in our one-of-a-kind leather sheath hand crafted by Carrie George leather. Purpose-built for your House of Good 100% cotton wicks, this scissors-shaped trimmer is not just a tool, but a statement of refinement. The half-moon blade, skillfully stamped with the House of Good logo mark, is designed to capture the discarded wick, ensuring a clean and safe trimming experience.


Designed with your comfort in mind, the ergonomic structure of our Wick Trimmer makes it a joy to use. When it’s time to tend to your candle, follow these steps to enhance your House of Good experience:


- Extinguish your HoG candle with the House of Good Bronze Snuffer, allowing the melted wax to cool completely.

- Hold the Wick Trimmer with care and trim only the enlarged ends of the burnt wicks, leaving enough for a perfect burn during the next illumination. Avoid trimming the wicks to their base.

- To prevent any sooty residue from marring the wax surface, catch the burnt wick effortlessly on the half-moon blade, proudly imprinted with the ‘LOEWE’ legend. Gently withdraw the Wick Trimmer without dropping the discarded wick.

- Keep your Wick Trimmer pristine by cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth to ward off any hint of rust.

House of Good Wick Trimmer Wholesale

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